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Club Guidelines  of Grün-Weiß Kley 1981 e.V.                     

18.08.2015, Version 1.1   

  1. Racism, homophobia, other cultures and other religions
    1. In principle we welcome every person in his/her speciality. In our club there is no place for racism.
    2. In our club there is no discrimination against belonging to other cultures or religions.
    3. In our club there is no discrimination against gays.
    4. In fact it is our mission to integrate other people and to assist them. We feel diversity as a challenge.
  2. Extremism
    1. We disapprove each kind of extremism.
    2. Any right wing body of thought has no place in our club.
    3. It is essential except of these two issues: We act politically neutral, we are a sports club.
  3. Together: Talk and life
    1. We promote every kind of open and trustful communication and conflict resolution.
    2. We talk together, not above each other.
    3. In cases of conflicts between colleagues we look for a way of direct speech. We don’t want that it will be talked in a bad way behind the colleagues back.
    4. In our club there is no mobbing.
    5. We try to integrate as well the relatives and the parents of our junior players in our club life.
  4. Sportsmanship and respect
    1. We handle all our club colleagues with respect.
    2. As well we act loyal against our club. It is a question of honour not to forget contributions and cost for food. Who damages the club damages himself.
    3. We explicitely respect our sportive opponents as well as our competitive clubs.
    4. We expect from all of our colleagues „fair play“. We don’t want sportive success at the cost of „monetary presents“ or „known unsportsmankind“.
    5. Especially in the area of youth work we want to give fair opportunities to be member of the playing team, wherever possible.
    6. Persons, companies or stores sponsoring or supporting our club, deserve our special respect.


How to apply our guidelines? 

  1. We assume that the membership at GW Kley includes the agreement with our guidelines.
  2. Based on this rule, no one should be excluded, even if in case of an unthinkingly violation of these, e.g. in case of subjective „harmless“ jokes.
  3. We don’t want to exclude anyone from the club who don’t follows our guidelines.
  4. Instead of this we all are asked to warn or to convince this colleague, in case that anyone don’t obey the guidelines or talks against these.
  5. Who acts permanently and repeatedly against the guidelines has chosen the wrong club and should be asked to leaves our club.